DES Architects - Redwood City  (Feb 2015 - May 2016)

Motion Graphics Artist

Created lower thirds, map animations and general motion graphics for this architectural company. I also used 3DS Max and Vray for modeling and rendering office buildings for compositing into tracked aerial and still footage

The Cove

Moffet Gateway


Adroll -San Francisco - (June 2015)

Motion Graphics Artist

A very short contract, I was brought in to help out with some animation for a video in After Effects.

It involved a bouncing beachball and some racoon character animation

Adroll prospecting Video


Wargaming America - Emeryville (Aug 2014- Sep 2014)

3D Artist

Contracted to produce two promotional images using ingame assets from World of Tanks using Maya and Photoshop


Trion Worlds Inc - Redwood City (Mar 2012 - Aug 2013)

Motion Graphics Artist

Created graphics (sports graphics, heads up displays , flying logos, turntables etc..) for video game trailers, development diaries and mission briefings using After Effects, Maya, 3D Studio, Cinema 4D, Adobe Premiere


Dynamighty - San Francisco (Nov 2011 - Jan 2012)

Environment artist

Worked in Maya making interiors and props for a Unity game


General Simulations - San Jose (Mar - Sept 2011)

Game Artist

Making game assets for a government funded Driving Simulator working in 3ds Max


Spypost - San Francisco (Oct 2009 - Jun 2010)
Environment artist/matte painting, LookDev and Lighting TD
Created environments for a National Geographic Documentary featuring visuals of a post apocalyptic earth.Texture mapped a train and several other assets for the movie Priest. Also created two matte paintings

Tippett Studios - Berkeley (Mar - Sept 2009)

Lighting Artist
Lighting TD on Twilight New Moon and Cats and Dogs 2


The Orphanage - San Francisco (Jan - Nov 2006)
Technical Director
The Last Mimzy
Commercial Productions: Ruby Tuesday, Scholls and Lonovo


Mondo Media - San Francisco (Aug 2001-Aug 2004)

Technical Director
Worked as a TD/compositor for cinematics for projects including James Bond, Age of Empires, The Sims


Blackbox Games - Vancouver (Feb - Aug 2001)
Game Artist
Created video game props and desert environment for Need for Speed in 3D Studio Max


New Pencil - Sausalito (Sept 2000 - Feb 2001)
Game Artist
Textured vehicles for Vigilante 8 in 3D Studio Max


Giant Killer Robots - San Francisco (Apr - Jun 2000)
Created model for Scooby Doo feature film


Worlds Inc. - San Francisco (Aug - Oct 1996)
Concept Artist
Created robot designs for an online game






The Orphanage - San Francisco (Oct 2008 - Feb 2009)

LookDev and Lighting TD
Projects included two commercials (Terminex and a smoking PSA), Spirit, Ironman and Redcliff


Blackpoint Studios - San Francisco (Mar 2004 - Aug 2005)
Game Artist
Creating props and environments for a James Bond game for the Xbox. Was responsible for finalizing the art for one of the levels


Click 3X - San Francisco (Oct 1996 - Aug 1998)
Technical Director
Worked on commercials for following clients: Ford, Terminex and Sprint. I also worked on shot’s for a feature film Breakfast of Champions


Atari Games - Milpitas (Sept 1990 - Jun 1995)
Game Artist
Illustration, animation, vehicle/background/character/title designs, using 3D Studio and Photoshop






After Effects, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, Z Brush, Topogun, Mudbox, Illustrator, Nuke, Photoshop,

Mental Ray, RenderMan, Premiere, Uv Layout, Vue







Bay Area Video Coalition Motion Graphics Cert 2014


Nuke Online Class 2011


San Francisco Academy of Art Matte Painting 2007


The Dunlaoire College of Art and Design Dublin, Ireland Degree in Graphic Design/Communication 1988



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