3D Modeling, textures, lighting
Personal work using Vray, 3DS Max
Snow scene
Rendered in Vray 3ds Max using an HDRI.
The Sphere
I was trying out Megascans data, rendered in Vray
Vray, 3ds max, Forrestpack pro, Substance Painter.
Planet Hopper
Personal work in Vray 3DS max, Forrestopack Pro and Substance Painter
Sc-Fi Sphere
Made with Maya, Substance Painter for Unity
The Planet Hopper
This was the final entry for the CGsociety.com Thrust competition and #radioheadvignette contest on Instagram.
Architectural rendering
For DES Architects
CGsociety competition
Current work in progress on a design for a fighter ship
Personal work using Forest Pack, substance Painter, Vray and 3D Studio.
Architectural rendering
For DES Architects
Architectural rendering
Vray for DES Architects
Rhino and Zbrush
I discovered the insert mesh brush in Zbrush
Modeled in Maya and rendered in Vray
World of Tanks key art
Another World of Tanks key art for Wargaming America inc. Rendered in Mental Ray
World of Tanks
This was a promotional image made for the introduction of new French tanks in to the game. I did not model the tanks but rendered and composited them
World of Tanks
Key art made for the Sherman tank for Wargaming America Inc. I used Maya and Mental Ray
Another render of the Citreon
Vray C4D
Modeling in Maya
Made in 3ds Max
Made in 3ds Max
Made in 3ds Max
The Bismark
Personal work in 3ds Max mixing photographs and 3d models
Defiance Key Art for Webpage
This a mixture of Maya renders and green screen captures using assets from the game. I worked with an art director to compose and render this image for Trion Worlds game Defiance
Rift Key Art for Webpage
Working with an Art Director I composed and rendered the creatures from the game Rift to be used for the Free to Play launch. The player characters were captured against green in the game and composited in Photoshop
Priest textures
I worked on the movie Priest as a lookdev artist artist for the train using Mudbox for the textures
Defiance Key Art
More DLC key art. The work involves bringing game art assets into Maya which involves a certain amount of rebuilding shaders etc.. as they don't automatically work in Maya
World of Tanks Key Art
This is an offline render of an in game asset for marketing
New Pittsburg
A matte painting from a class at The Academy of Art
Priest matte painting
At SpyPost I worked on Priest as a LookDev artist and matte painter. For this shot I took the train model and deformed the geometry to look twisted
Castithan KeyArt
Another Keyart for a Trion downloadable content. I posed, lit and rendered the character. The image is then touched up in Photoshop
Modeled and mapped in Maya and Mudbox
Crimecity Style
Personal work exploring the orthographic look
Plastic German
Modeled in Maya
Matte painting
Business Card
Smartcar lowpoly
Modeled in 3d Studio
Age of Empires Cinematic
Textures, lighting and compositing
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2D illustration, concept art
Atlantis Concept Art
Personal work in 3D Studio and Photoshop
Illustrator Logo
Sports logo
Practicing in Illustrator
UI screen
Personal work based off a PlanetSide2 menu.
A style frame from a project I am doing about the 60's
The Book
The Long Night
Concept art, personal work
Personal work in Illustrator
MechWarrior Bus
This decal was made in Photoshop
Photoshop, personal work
The Transport
Personal work, concept art
Spending habits storyboard
Styleframes from a motion graphics piece about US spending habits
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Older work
Early work at Atari, a win screen for the game Ramparts
Age of Empires
Texture mapping in Maya
James Bond
At Black point Studios I helped create props and environments for EA
Need for Speed
I worked on the terrain and also an abandoned junkyard for military aircraft
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